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Mould King Empire over Jedha City

Mould King Empire over Jedha City

One of the coolest recent Mould King sets is Empire over Jedha City. Jedha was an ancient city located on the[4] colddesert[9] Mid Rim[5] moon of Jedha. Standing atop a rocky mesa,[8] the city was surrounded by a large wall and contained various temples and adorned buildings.[4] The city was divided into two sections by a Division Wall, one section was known as the Old City and the other known as the New City, though even the New City was well over 5000 years old.[1] The most notable structure in the Holy City was the ancient Temple of the Kyber—a great temple protruding high above the city wall that was held sacred by those who followed the teachings of the Church of the Force.[8] Considered a holy site for followers of the mystical energy field known as the Force, the Holy City’s streets were filled with priestsscholars, and holy men and women,[10] many of them pilgrims, who could be recognized by their distinctive and often ornate robes.[8]

Mould King Empire over Jedha City brick set

Current prices Mould King Empire over Jedha City

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Mould King Empire over Jedha review

As taken from Reddit user u/jaults:

This is a great set–the build can be a little tedious, but I really enjoyed it. The mountain has a lot of interesting texturing, as does the city. The Star Destroyer is a little hinky to build–lots of pieces that are joined with only one or two studs. Given that, when it is assembled, it is reasonably sturdy. The method to build the wings was really cool: it uses part 3679 ({%22iconly%22:0} ), which I’ve never seen before. The final result is fantastic! It is a bit bigger than I expected and looks really great.

There were no missing pieces, and quite a few extras. The pieces were very reasonably organized, and very easy to sort.

Mould King Empire over Jedha City – the history

Sometime before the Battle of Scarif,[8] Jedha City, along with the rest of the moon, was occupied by the Galactic Empire, with Imperial stormtroopersTX-225 GAVw “Occupier” combat assault tanksTIE/ln space superiority starfighterscargo shuttles and an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer being deployed to the city. However, the occupation was met with firm resistance by rebel extremist Saw Gerrera[4]—leader of the Partisans[11]—who coordinated the insurgency from his hideout.[8]

During the Alliance to Restore the Republic‘s mission to find the location of Imperial scientist Galen ErsoCaptain Cassian AndorJyn Erso, and reprogrammed Imperial KX-series security droid K-2SO traveled to the Holy City to meet with Gerrera. While there, the trio became involved in a firefight with Imperial and Partisan forces.[4]

The Death Star firing on Jedha City

Hours later, all Imperial forces were ordered to withdraw from the city immediately. Unknown to many of them, Director Orson Krennic and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin had decided to test the capability of the Empire’s new superweapon-equipped battle station, the Death Star, by firing its superlaser at the city using a single-reactor ignition. The test was a success, resulting in the complete destruction of the Holy City and its inhabitants, as well as the surrounding area.[4] At least 3% of Jedha’s Imperial forces were presumed destroyed in the blast as well, having been unable to evacuate. The Imperial casualties included such forces as JN-093’s squad, who had been assigned to check possible rebel hiding spots outside the city, leaving them unable to get to the extraction point in time.[7]

The “crater” where Jedha City once stood

In order to prevent the public from finding out about the weapon and the true circumstances of Jedha City’s destruction, the Empire portrayed the event as a mining catastrophe to the Imperial Senate.[4] While some reports indicated that the city’s destruction had left only a modest crater,[12] in reality the Death Star’s blast had obliterated almost a quarter of the moon and exposed its core.[13]

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Gallery of the Empire over Jedha City model

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